WRFFWThe Woodford Reserve Distillery in Kentucky, has announced the launch of latest release in its innovative Distillery Series.

Woodford Reserve Frosty Four Wood (45.2% ABV) is a unique batching of mature Woodford Reserve bourbon, aged in American Oak and finished in barrels made from maple wood, sherry wood and port wood.

Commenting on the new release, Chris Morris, said: “Frosty Four Wood is the last of a historic whiskey specialty, as the original Four Wood was the first of its kind to touch four different barrels. It represents a rare moment that extends beyond bourbon and amplifies current flavours found in Woodford Reserve.”
Developed by Master Distiller Chris Morris, the Distillery Series which launched in 2015 with the Double Double Oaked and Sweet Mash Redux expressions, is said to showcase Woodford Reserve’s continued commitment to providing an unmatched whiskey experience and leading the spirits industry through innovation and craftsmanship.

The original Four Wood whiskey, in the 2012 Master’s Collection, was exposed to record-low temperatures during the 2013 Polar Vortex, resulting in flocking, or mineral precipitation. Filtration techniques produced a more fruit-forward whiskey with maple hints.

Woodford Reserve Frosty Four Wood, is now available from the distillery and specialist retailers for a RRP of $49.99 for a 375ml bottle.

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Woodford Reserve releases Double Oaked

WoodfordKentucky whiskey brand, Woodford Reserve has announced its latest expression in Australia, the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, which was released by owner Brown-Forman last week.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, which originally launched in the US in 2012, has an ABV of 43.2 per cent for the Australian market and retails for $75. It is available now through selected on-premise accounts and Dan Murphy’s stores, and will roll out through all major retailers in early 2016.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is matured in two handcrafted barrels, created at Woodford Reserve’s own cooperage, which are toasted and charred to create the ample flavour and colour characteristics.

The first barrel is crafted from oak that has seasoned outdoors for nine months and is completely toasted and charred on the inside, while the second barrel has been toasted for more than twice as long and is charred lightly. A custom crafted barrel with a heftier toast lets flavours of honey, cream and vanilla be exaggerated and a light char gives refined sweet aromatic notes.

Woodford Reserve master distiller Chris Morris said: “The double barrelling of mature Woodford Reserve in the second barrel allows the spirit to extract an additional amount of soft, sweet oak character.”

Tim Ryder, brand manager, North American Whiskeys at Brown-Forman told TheShout: “Woodford Reserve isn’t manufactured, it’s crafted. It’s this process that sets us apart, including the way that we are able to bring this through, via our brand stories, to our consumers.

“We at Brown-Forman are incredibly proud of our American Whiskey heritage and looking forward to sharing Woodford Reserve and now Old Forester with our Australian consumers.”



WRWoodford Reserve has announced the launch of a new white corn bourbon, inspired by the craftsmanship and vision of past distillers Oscar Pepper and James Crow and their original use of white corn in their whiskey production process from the late-1830s to the 1850s.

Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection 1838 Style White Corn Bourbon (45.2% ABV) uses the same barrels and yeast that are used to create their standard core expression, but uses white corn instead of the traditional yellow corn in its mash bill, along with rye and malt which help to create a sharper whiskey.

In the mid-1800s, Oscar Pepper and James Crow engaged in early distilling at the current site of the Woodford Reserve Distillery. Their key production methods have since been recognized by historians as advancing the modern bourbon industry and are celebrated through each Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection release.

The latest limited release was conceptualized and created by Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris. Drawing from original production records, he was able to develop and bring to life a recipe Pepper and Crow might have used.

Commenting on the launch, Chris Morris, said: “This Master’s Collection release has, in a way, allowed us to go back in time and create a new bourbon by drawing upon materials from our distillery’s historic pas. Focusing on white corn and honouring the landmark work of Pepper and Crow, we worked to produce an expression that we hope they would approve of.”

He went on to say: “Year after year, our Master’s Collection is always a favourite of mine to produce, as I enjoy seeing how even the slightest of variations can yield a dramatically different whiskey. What’s truly exciting with 1838 Style White Corn is that by simply changing the corn used, we’ve created a spirit that is new for fans of Woodford Reserve yet still traditional and a perfect representation of our rich heritage.”

Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection 1838 Style White Corn Bourbon, will be available globally next month from specialist retailers for a RRP of $99.99


1792 SWSazerac, the American drinks producer and owner of brands including Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, George T Stagg and Old Rip Van Winkle, has announced the launch of a new expression to its 1792 bourbon brand; Sweet Wheat.

1792 Sweet Wheat (49.6% ABV) was distilled back in 2007 and made with a recipe of corn, wheat, malted barley and a yeast strain specific to Barton 1792 Distillery. Wheat is used as the secondary grain, rather than traditional rye.

This new expression which was distilled and aged for eight years in the warehouses at the Barton 1792 Distillery in Bardstown, is said to deliver notes of caramel, vanilla, ripe fruits, deep oak tannins and tobacco.

Commenting on the new release, Ken Pierce, Director of Distillation and Quality Assurance at the Sazerac Company, said: “Using wheat instead of rye gives the taste profile a softer and more delicate flavour,” said Ken Pierce, director of distillation and quality assurance. “The soft flavour is balanced by rich oak tannins extracted by the bourbon while aging in the charred oak barrels.”

1792 Sweet Wheat bourbon whiskey, will be available across the US later this summer for a RRP of $32.99. The distillery also plans to release more new 1792 expressions over the next few years.

New Bourbons From Jim Beam & Diageo’s Orphan Barrel Project

JimBeamBonded_bs-200x300Jim Beam is returning to a place in Bourbon history with the release of Jim Beam Bonded, a 4-year-old Bourbon that takes some of its heritage from the US Government’s “Bottled in Bond Act of 1897.”

That law reserves the labeling of “Bottled in Bond” for whiskies at least four years old, bottled at 50% ABV (100 proof) and produced at a single distillery in a single distilling season. It’s not one of the more widely-known facts about American whiskeys, but distillers work with a two-season year: Spring season is January 31 through June 30, and Fall season runs from July 1 through December 31.

Jim Beam Bonded made its debut Monday night with a launch party at Bourbons Bistro in Louisville, Kentucky. It will be available at selected US retailers starting this month in 750ml and 1-liter sizes with a recommended retail price of $22.99 USD (750ml).

In addition, Beam is kicking off a special series of limited edition Booker’s Bourbon releases featuring labels inspired by the late Booker Noe. The year’s first batch of Booker’s has a label showing Noe sipping Bourbon in his famous rocking chair with his dog Dot at his feet. The scene is similar to Booker Noe’s memorial statue at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse in Clermont, Kentucky, and carries the name “Big Man, Small Batch.” Batch 2015-1 follows the Booker’s tradition of being uncut and unfiltered, and the 7-year-old batch is bottled at 64.35% ABV (128.7 proof).

ForgedOak_bs-200x300Meanwhile, Diageo is releasing Forged Oak, the fifth edition in its Orphan Barrel series of Bourbons.  As with the previous four editions, the 15-year-old Forged Oak was matured primarily in the warehouses at the Stitzel-Weller Distillery in Louisville, and was distilled at the nearby New Bernheim Distillery in 1997 and 1998 from a mashbill of 86% corn, 8% rye, and 6% malted barley.

Forged Oak will be a limited release, though there are plans to release future editions as more whiskey reaches maturation. It is being bottled at 45.25% ABV (90.5 proof), and will carry a recommended retail price of $65 (750ml bottle).