Tasmanian Whisky Appreciation Society (TWAS)

Twas but a wee dram that sat me down upon my arse, and now that I am here it’s really rather nice…

Constitution Rules

Drink, with care and consideration and much joy
Share, our thoughts and drinking pleasure
Converse, about whisky and all the important things in life
Cover the costs, of whisky and venue
On the night fee $75 (pays for newsletter production, tasting notes, a lapel pin and a secret handshake).


  • Bi-Monthly Tasting – Northern and Southern Tasmania
  • Annual Distillery Tour – Tasmania
  • Annual Distillery Tour – Scotland
  • Benefits for members

Good whisky, rare whisky, Tasmanian whisky, fine fellowship, having a drink with people you would like to drink with.

Newsletter, lapel pin, tasting notes

Discounts available at partner accommodation premises and other businesses

Bowmore Barrels