Sullivans Cove American Oak named Liquid Gold

American OakSullivans Cove, Tasmania’s world leading luxury single malt whisky, has been awarded a coveted Liquid Gold award in Jim Murray’s 2015 Whisky Bible.

Sullivans Cove American Oak Cask HH0047 scored 95.5/100, the highest score ever achieved by an Australian whisky in this year’s bible. This is an exceptional achievement for the distillery’s American Oak variety after the French Oak was named the world’s best single malt in the 2014 World Whisky Awards in London and further cements Sullivans Cove place as one of the world’s leading distilleries.

Now in its 12th year, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible aims to annually score every whisky available on the market. The book currently list 4,700 whiskies, each individually tasted, evaluated and rated by Murray, with the 2015 edition adding over 1,000 new whiskies to the list.

Chief distiller Patrick Maguire was delighted with the results: “This award is a fantastic recognition of the superior quality of our range and it is great to have the American Oak in the limelight after all the attention that the French Oak has been getting of late. This award is made so much more special by the fact that barrel HH0047 was the 47th cask that we ever made and it’s great to know that we got it right so early.”

Speaking on Sullivans Cove American Oak Cask HH0047, Murray noted: “…hard to imagine a malt whisky being more malt whiskier…few distilleries do weight on delivery better than this one…exemplary malt whisky: absolutely beautiful.

This adds to Tasmanian whisky’s growing reputation for excellent whisky. In addition to Sullivans Cove, which was named the world’s best single malt whisky and has now won its fourth “Liquid Gold” award, Lark Distillery, Heartwood Distillers, Old Hobart Distillery and Nant Distillery have all achieve “Liquid Gold” status and  Jim Murray awards Liquid Gold status to whiskies that score 94/100 or higher in his Whisky Bible and these whiskies are considered to be the very finest currently available in the world.

Heartwood wins 2015 Independent Bottler of the Year!

News just announced… – aHeartwood Malt Whisky huge congratulations to Tim Duckett & Heartwood!!!


This is the first time that the independent award has gone outside the United Kingdom, but it goes to a company that has been ritually kicking butt for a couple of years now, and which demands your attention.
Heartwood is the company owned by maverick Tim Duckett, who epitomises everything good about New World whisky in general and Australian whisky in particular.

Heartwood bottles casks bought from Lark, and each one is marked out by three specific factors: the irreverent names that Tim gives them, their hyper cask strengths – high 60s and into the 70s – and most of all, masses and masses of flavour.

Drinking Heartwood is the whisky equivalent to a net session with Aussie paceman Mitchell Johnson when he’s got a toothache. These whiskies – with names such as Convict Redemption, Convict Resurrection and Vat Out Of Hell – are big, bold, unsubtle, complex, confusing and unforgettable. If the likes of Lark and Sullivan’s Cove are AC/DC, Heartwood is Rose Tattoo and The Angels jamming with the volume on 11: snarling, in your face, and dripping in passion, intensity and intent.

You either love them or hate them – whisky’s equivalent of vegemite sandwiches – but they are leading an Australian journey in to new and unchartered waters – and they sum up perfectly what The Wizards of Whisky are all about.
Heartwood picked up two gold medals for The Beagle and Convict Redemption. Tim tells me his next release is ‘an absolute cracker’ bottled at 72% ABV. The Wizards can’t wait….

Hear Tim Duckett’s response to the Wizards Award in the net issue of World Whisky review, out in two weeks.”

Article by Dominic Roskrow of:


Heartwood release new expression – The Convict Resurrection

Fantastic news from Tim over at Tasmanian Heartwood Malt Whisky:

Heartwood Convict ResurrectionIt’s taken time. It’s big. It’s origin is a Port Cask from Tasmania Distillery, Sullivan’s Cove. Distilled by Bill and Patrick. It’s over 14 years old………AND IT IS 72%ABV (not our strongest but very close) and its recipe is top secret, apart from the information I have just given you.

WE always say it…..yes, it is one of our best. Possibly even better than the CONVICT REDEMPTION Batch 2. More bam per dram, more throttle per bottle, more pleasure per measure, more flavour to savour.

Enjoy the moment.”

it’s always an exciting moment when a new Tasmanian whisky is released – I’ll have to sneak a sample and do a review!!!

Here’s the details on the new release:

Name: Convict Resurrection
Age: 14yo
Cask Type: American Oak Port
Alc/Vol: 72%
Distilled: March 2000
Decanted: December 2014
Cask No: HH0239
Bottle Size: 500ml

If you’d like to purchase this, click here to head over to the Heartwood Website, and place your order – be quick, they usually sell out very very fast


Tasmanian whisky scores gold at the World Whisky Masters 2014!!

Overeem Single maltHellyers Road DistilleryTasmanian whisky has cleaned up at the 2014 World Whisky Masters this year, with multiple entries scoring medals!

The judges were impressed by the whiskies from Hellyers Road Distillery, which were “well constructed” and fruity, while an Ultra-Premium entry from Overeem was also described as “well balanced and accessible”.


Australiasian Single Malt Ultra-Premium
Company Product Name Award
Overeem Overeem Single Malt Sherry Cask Matured Cask Strength Gold


Australiasian Single Malt Super-Premium
Company Product Name Award
Hellyers Road Distillery Hellyers Road Original 10yo Silver
Hellyers Road Distillery Hellyers Legacy The Gorge Silver

To see the complete list of awards, follow the link: