Tasmanian Whisky Series, by Master of Malt

Bert & JaneWay back in September of 2014 the super talented guys at Master of Malt, started a fascinating 8 part blog series on Tasmanian Whisky & Distilleries… the series has now concluded, so it’s an ideal time to give it a bit of a plug…

Tasmanian Whisky – Everything You Need to Know!

We sent our man in Havana on a fact-hunting mission to Tasmania. Facing all manner of perils, from killer ants to the ferocious Tasmanian devil, he went boldly to every distillery on the island. In this series, we’ll detail his findings and give you everything you need to know about Tasmanian whisky…

Part 1 – Sullivans Cove [Click to view article]

Part 2 – Old Hobart [Click to view article]

Part 3 – Lark [Click to view article]

Part 4 – Belgrove [Click to view article]

Part 5 – Hellyers Road [Click to view article]

Part 6 – Nant [Click to view article]

Part 7 – Redlands [Click to view article]

Part 8 – William McHenry & The Small Concern [Click to view article]


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