Glendronach TrioAward winning Aberdeenshire distillery GlenDronach, has announced the launch of three new single malt expressions.

The three new releases comprise of: GlenDronach Peated (46% ABV) – GlenDronach 19 Year Old Madeira Cask Finish (46% ABV) and GlenDronach Cask Strength Batch 5 (55.3% ABV).

GlenDronach Peated was distilled using peated malted barley, then was first matured in bourbon casks followed by a second period of maturation in Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.

GlenDronach 19 Year Old Madeira Cask Finish, was initially matured in European oak casks and then finished its maturation in a very small batch of Madeira hogshead casks.

GlenDronach Cask Strength Batch 5, was matured in a combination of Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.

Commenting on the new releases, Alistair Walker, Sales Director at The BenRiach Distillery which owns GlenDronach, said: “There is the unique smoky sweetness of the new Peated expression, the richly fragrant Madeira finish and the signature robust sherry character of the Cask Strength batch five. Everyone here at GlenDronach is amazed by these three magnificent expressions…and we know our customers worldwide will be too.”

All three new releases will be available later this month from specialist retailers for the following RRP’s: GlenDronach Peated £38.99, GlenDronach 19 Year Old Madeira Cask Finish £76.99 and GlenDronach Cask Strength Batch 5 £55.99.

Amrut Greedy Angels Chairman’s Reserve 10 Year Old

Amrut Greedy AngelsAmrut Indian Single Malt launches the limited edition Amrut Greedy Angels Chairman’s Reserve 10 Year Old.

Amrut Distilleries, India, known for their popular range of Single Malt whiskies which include Amrut Fusion and Amrut Peated have launched Amrut Greedy Angels Chairman’s Reserve 10 years old which is a limited edition of only 320 bottles worldwide.

This whisky is the first 10 year old single malts to be produced by the company and will be priced around 500 Euros. The very limited edition whisky marks the Bangalore boutique distillery’s first 10 years in the international markets where it has built up quite a following amongst whisky connoisseurs.

The distillery first launched their single malts outside India in 2004 in Glasgow, Scotland and today Amruts single malts can be found on the shelves of whisky shops across 40 countries. The brand peaked in the limelight in 2010 when whisky writer, Jim Murray rated the Amrut Fusion with 97/100 points voting it the “3rd finest whisky in the world”.

Their latest and most expensive whisky so far, the Amrut Greedy Angels Chairman’s Reserve 10 year old is the first 10 year old single malt to ever come out of India and is also India’s most expensive whisky so far. Given the high temperatures and humidity in India the loss of whisky during maturation is close to 10-12% in comparison to Scotland’s 1-2%. This makes ageing of these malts a very tricky affair and the quantity left for bottling quite meagre compared to what was started off with.

A total of 320 bottles of these exquisite bottles are available with 284 bottles sailing to Europe & 36 to the United States of America. The specially designed package consists of a 700/750 ml crystal decanter bottled at 46% ABV and a 50 ml miniature decanter bottled at full cask strength of 71% ABV.

Almost all of the bottles have been pre-sold or reserved and most of the units will end up as collectibles on the shelves of whisky aficionados.

Ashok Chokalingam, GM – International Markets (Amrut) commented on the new whisky, saying: “The profile can be compared to some of the very old & rare Scottish single malts. You will spot a lot of tropical fruits, orangey citrus & a lingering finish”.

Whisky fans will have to wait for quite some time before the next batch is released”, Ashok adds: “We are not sure when the next release of this ten years old malt from the Amrut stable will emanate as keeping the balance profile of the whisky is questionable given the conditions under which it matures”.

Amruts range of Indian single malt whisky is available from whisky specialist shops such as The Whisky Exchange

Amrut Greedy Angels 10 Year Old 46% Tasting Notes

Producer’s Tasting Notes:

Colour: Light orange marmalade.

Nose: Very relaxed on the nose , the usual Amrut traits are there, liquorice, spices, Millionaires shortbread but well laid back.

Taste: It is silky smooth across the palate but incredibly spicy, wow really spicy! It really hits you at the back of the mouth.

Finish: The finish is long and again spicy, it just goes on and on and on.

It tastes like an old, well aged malt to start with ends up like young spicy beast , brilliant.

Amrut Greedy Angels 10 Year Old 71% Tasting Notes

Amrut Greedy AngelsProducer’s Tasting Notes:

Whereas the 46% is so laid back it’s horizontal, this is a smack across the nose with a large malt shovel ! Everything is more intense , it’s all in there as stated in the 46% just more condensed ! Highly drinkable at the high ABV and thoroughly enjoyable , It’s great to see an ‘aged’ Amrut just a shame about the maturation losses .

Wemyss releases new batch of single cask bottlings

Wemyss single casks Feb 2015 lowEdinburgh based boutique spirits company Wemyss Malts has today announced the release of its latest batch of single cask Scotch whiskies.

Each cask has been selected and named by the Wemyss tasting panel, under the watchful eye of industry aficionado Charlie Maclean.

As per all Wemyss single cask bottlings, each whisky has been named after and inspired by its unique aromas and flavours.

The full cask list from the latest batch:

“Kirsch Gateau” 1988 single cask from Bunnahabhain Distillery
“Cacao Geyser” 1998 single cask from Bowmore Distillery
“Snuffed Candle” 1999 singe cask from Aberfeldy Distillery
“Dark Treacle Fondant” 2002 single cask from Craigellachie Distillery
“Honeysuckle Bower” 1995 single cask from Linkwood Distillery
“Caribbean Crème” 1988 single cask from Invergordon Distillery

Commenting on the latest batch of releases, William Wemyss, Founder and Managing Director at Wemyss Malts, said: “We are delighted to introduce another excellent selection of single casks, named as always by our hard-working and creative tasting panel. We’ve selected a Bunnahabhain sherry butt to be bottled at cask strength in this release named Kirsch Gateau after its rich mahogany colour and palate of tempting dark chocolate and liqueur soaked cherries.”

The latest batch of Wemyss single cask’s, which are limited to only a few hundred bottles from each cask, will be available in the UK, Europe and key Asian markets, retailing for between £65-£130.

Balblair Single Malt Whisky To Kick Off 2015 With Four New Vintage Whiskies

New Balblair releasesHighland Single Malt Scotch Whisky distillery, Balblair, is announcing the release of four new vintage expressions in the U.S. market this month. The newly released whiskies include the Balblair 2003, 1999, 1990 and 1983 vintages, which were each distilled on the idyllic coast of the Dornoch Firth.

This is the first time that Balblair, which was recently awarded Highland Distillery of the Year by the New York International Spirits Competition, has ever launched a four product vintage range simultaneously in the US.

Balblair, which rolled its first barrels in 1790, is the only distillery in Scotland to release exclusively vintages. Distillery Manager John MacDonald hand-selects each cask and only releases whiskies that have reached their exact point of ‘optimum maturation.’ Given this natural philosophy, bottles of Balblair are not marked with an age statement, but instead with the year that the whisky was laid down.

“We are extremely excited about the latest vintage releases from Balblair. Each vintage tells a story—capturing the unique essence of that year in a bottle,” says Balblair Distillery Manager, John MacDonald. “Each of these whiskies has its own unique nuances and offer exceptional options for whisky fans across the spectrum.”

To round out the flavor profile, the 2003 and 1983 vintages were aged in American oak, ex-bourbon barrels, which lend citrus fruits, apricots and honey to the nose. On the palate, both vintages are also full bodied with notes of orange, lemon, honey and spice, followed by a long lasting finish.

For additional complexity, the 1999 and 1990 vintages were aged in American oak, ex-bourbon barrels with the addition of Spanish oak sherry butts, which impart the signature Balblair aromas of honey and green apple. On the palate, these vintages are spicy and sweet.

Each of the four new Balblair vintages were bottled at 46% ABV without chill filtering. Balblair 2003, 1999, 1990 and 1983 vintages will be available in major markets nationally this month, at a suggested retail price of $70, $90, $140 and $330respectively. For more information, visit

Pappy Van Winkle – a history

Pappy Van WinkleSkipping the Derby that day, instead walking the Stitzel Weller property , the man who built the distillery and ran it until the year before he died in 1965, Julian Van winkle, Sr., already known to everybody as “Pappy.”

Pappy Van Winkle Bottle

The fog of history is thick on a property in Shively. The property was once the most famed bourbon distillery in the world, Stitzel Weller.

It opened on the day they ran the 61st Kentucky Derby, in 1935.

See & hear the fascinating story of how one photo changed an industry…