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Chief Post Office might become distillery

dn postoffice 1930s

dn postoffice 1930sA whisky distillery could be operating in Dunedin by the end of next year.

The New Zealand Malt Whisky Company is considering two historic sites as potential locations for the distillery.

The 450 barrels of whisky, assets of the Malt Whisky Company, were acquired in October 2010 by an international syndicate of nine investors, led by Tasmanian businessman Greg Ramsay, which had since sold about 15% of stocks and still has about 380 barrels.

Mr Ramsay first mooted the idea of a Dunedin distillery more than a year ago and was in Dunedin recently to look at the former chief post office (CPO) in the Exchange.

He said the railway station was under consideration, but space there for commercial operations was limited, while the basement and cellars of the former CPO were better suited.