John Walker & Sons Odyssey

Concocted as a respectful ode to the legendary Sir Alexander Walker, the unveiling of Odyssey by John Walker & Sons was timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of just one of Sir Walker’s seminal innovations in the world of spirit-making—a decanter that sways with the motion of the sea, when the tough seafaring life was the norm.

JW & Sons Odyssey

Here’s what we know about the award-winning blend: John Walker & Sons Odyssey is a unique triple malt inspired by the golden era of sea travel. Created by Master Blender Jim Beveridge using Sir Walker’s hand-written notes, the new oak cask spirit is said to boast an exceptionally smooth finish and all the bold, masculine notes the House is rightly famous for.

The crystal-grade glass decanter housing the Odyssey is an objet d’art unto itself, being a feat of technical design: when nudged, the bottle swings elegantly to and fro, eventually rotating a full 360 degrees. When at rest, it will always point up, much like a nautical compass—very cool, indeed.

Take it from James Thompson, Chief Marketing Office of Diageo Asia Pacific, who says the new nautical-themed triple malt was created with the region’s most discerning whisky drinkers in mind: “There is an insatiable demand for super deluxe spirits globally and particularly in Asia Pacific. In Asia Pacific, Scotch whisky delivered more than 80 percent net sales growth, with almost half coming from super deluxe whiskies.”

“We see the Odyssey as the next step in our luxury journey, and we believe the integration of heritage and progress, provenance and innovation will make it of the utmost interest to luxury connoisseurs in this region.”

Australia RRP: $1888