So who's going along to whisky live tomorrow? #showofhands ...

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Hi everyone,
The guys at the Henry Jones have announced an exclusive popup Japanese whisky dinner...

Very limited seats (6 to 8 seats left at this stage)

They have a bottle of 2016 Yamazaki Sherry Cask to sample in an intimate dinner in their private dining room in the Landscape Restaurant (with Brendon Rogers hosting), 4 course dinner, beer, wine, other Japanese whiskies for tasting at each course, and crescendo with a nip for all of the Sherry Cask.

If you interested, take a look at the flyer attached for contact details, or just let me know...

A fantastic night not to miss!


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Hi Everyone...
One of our friends is letting go of some nice Tassie whisky if you're interested...

If you are interested you can contact him direct:

Ian Pearson – Mobile: 0412531535.

1 x Trappers Hut 438
1 x Exile
1 x Redlands Tokay matured
1 x Mackey Barrel 2
1 x McHenry Barrel 1 boxed
1 x McHenry Barrel 2 boxed
1 x McHenry Barrel 4 Boxed
1 x Lark Four Corners Bottled 14/20 (sign Bill Lark)



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Hi Everyone...
Fantastic news from the guys at Restaurant Tasman!

W I N T E R I S H E R E !

And what better way to warm up this season and to
be entertained than with a taste of three outstanding
Tasmanian whisky distilleries.

We’re back at it again this year with our five-course
whisky pairing dinner hosted by Restaurant Tasman.

The menu will, of course, include local seasonal
produce and showcase just what you can pair with
the multifaceted beverage that is whisky.

Come join William McHenry, Patrick Maguire,
Peter Bignell and the team at Restaurant Tasman
for a ‘cool’ foodie experience on Friday 14th of
July at 6:00 PM.

PRE-BOOK YOUR SEAT : 03 6235 4547

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Tasmanian Whisky Appreciation Society shared Heartwood Malt Whisky's post. ...

1.0 ) Then came a man with a rockin'guitar Found himself a beat and he played it near and far Everybody danced and sang and let the good times roll Again again again again, again again again again Why don't you do it, why don't you do it again Again again again again, again again again again Why don't you do it, why don't you do it again (SQ) Well, we have a barrel, that was sulphurous, astringent and less than cooperative. It was moved from the original barrel to another and then again and again. It is now in its fourth barrel. Why don't you do it, why don't you do it again. (Possible) Parts of it have been used for the Beagle 4 and 5. We were to use it for the Beagle 6 and 7. We will have one more crack to see if we can bring it up to the Heartwood profile, all through varying barrel maturation. 2.0) Ray is a legend. He is from SA Cooperage. He was along to check out many of the barrels, particularly sherry, that the cooperage has produced for Heartwood and TIB. He got distracted ....... 3.0) Interviewer: Why do you want to join the Secret Service? Mr Leyton: Well... Interviewer: Can you keep a secret? Mr Leyton: Yes. Interviewer: Good, well you're in then, well done, well done. Now, one small thing I noticed back here, where are we? Ah yes, your middle name Olbalinskavichski, not Russian are you? (MP) At Heartwood we divulge some of our secrets. The DREGS Volume 2 exceeded the volume of its original stainless steel container and was disgorged into one a little larger. The image is of the crud left behind, carbon from the inside of numerous barrels. What did we do with this detritus?. Straight back into the receiving container with the DREGS V2. Secret divulged. (don't worry be happy, it will be filtered out before we bottle)

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McHenry Whisky Launch!

Hi Everyone… The official launch of the McHenry Whisky has been announced: When: Wednesday 18th May Where: Brooke St Pier. Time: 6.00PM till 8.00PM Tickets $60 includes canapés, wine, beer and Whisky. 40 tickets only. Silent auction for small number of bottles on the night. RSVP to [email protected] #whisky #tasmania @WMHSDistillery

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The Woodford Reserve Distillery in Kentucky, has announced the launch of latest release in its innovative Distillery Series. Woodford Reserve Frosty Four Wood (45.2% ABV) is a unique batching of mature Woodford Reserve bourbon, aged in American Oak and finished in barrels made from maple wood, sherry wood and port wood. Commenting on the new …

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