Time Travelling Malt Whisky!

SCminus14The guys from Tasmania Distillery have send me this gem!

“Forget aged whisky – the whisky geniuses at Sullivans Cove bring you the world’s first “premature” whisky! Nevermind your 21yr olds or 30 yr olds, or even the 50yr olds, it appears that we are now doing a single malt that is MINUS 14 days old!!!!

We will be relabelling the ones still with us, but a few have slipped through the net and are out there. We would love to hear from you if you were lucky enough to pick up one of these rare freaks!

The correct barreling date is actually 15/08/2000, making this beauty 14 days short of 12 years, and its luuuuurvely – trust me, I polished a bottle over the weekend…”

Did anyone get one?  Do you have a tardis?