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Local whisky bound for overseas


Casey1Casey Overeem is extremely excited about the first international shipment of Overeem Whisky, distilled in Blackmans Bay, which has found an overseas market in the Netherlands.

They’ve only been on the Tasmanian market for six months, but already Blackmans Bay distiller Casey Overeem has found an overseas market for his single malt whiskies.

Casey, who runs the Old Hobart Distillery at his property in Blackmans Bay, launched the company’s Port cask matured and Sherry cask matured whiskies in December last year.

Soon, a shipment of Overeem Whisky will be bound for the Netherlands.

“This export is made more personal because it’s headed to Amersfoort, Holland, which is a town just a few minutes from the village where my father grew up and where I still have many relatives,” Casey said.